Militant Women Disrupt DSA Austin Revisionist Night School


A Call to Kick Out Organizations Against Working Women from East Austin!

Members of PWM-MFP successfully disrupted a revisionist study group on “socialist feminism” led by the Austin branch of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) last week. Not only was the DSA event weeks late in celebrating what they call International Women’s Day, they left working women entirely out of the title. This omission is a slap in the face to the militant working class women who started the Revolution of 1917 in Russia and inspired the first International Working Women’s Day. In addition to this insult, DSA included no Marxist texts or class analysis in this discussion on socialism.

The revisionists made confrontation even more necessary by holding the event at Cepeda Library on 7th and Pleasant Valley—right where the revolutionary women of PWM-MFP and their supporters took the streets in Austin’s first militant International Working Women’s Day march on March 8.

During the event, PWM-MFP members stood up and interrupted the revisionists’ lukewarm “endorsement” of a women’s strike to point out how they were insulting the working class women of Austin and question why a supposedly socialist, pro-working class organization recently endorsed bourgeois, imperialist politician Bernie Sanders. Considering the two-faced nature of DSA, this endorsement is no actual surprise.

When questioned on why they weren’t discussing texts by revolutionary Marxist women writers, the group participants could only resort to personal attacks. A facilitator shouted at one of our members, “Have you had an abortion?” An audience member tried to use the term “revolutionary communist” as an insult and claim that our member was in a “violent cult.”

Perhaps the most damning moment was when a PWM-MFP member recognized and pointed out a male member who had commented on the doxxing and online harassment of one of our woman comrades. It’s inexcusable and egregious that this man, who presumably sympathizes with socialist ideas, would permit any platform for a misogynist and anti-communist twitter account, one that even went so far to dox and harass her family. Instead of siding with the victim, the DSA members defended the man.

DSA’s refusal to struggle over politics, and instead issuing personal attacks and defending male chauvinism and harassment, exposes their inability to defend their political line with even a modicum of intellectual integrity. They claim to be for working women, but allow their members to continue anti-woman behavior. They do not encourage people to think and reason for themselves, leaving their members without a defensible political line.

DSA is a revisionist organization, using the word socialism while simply arguing for a different version of capitalism. While working women clamor for the end of their oppression and exploitation—which can only come through revolution against the ruling class—DSA is content only to perform risk-free activities such as a bowl-a-thon to raise funds for an abortion nonprofit. Nonprofits can only ever pave over the potholes on the road of capitalism.

DSA politics separates socialism from its end goal of communism—a stateless and classless society—ultimately upholding capitalism through their nonprofit shilling and endorsement of bourgeois politicians in the U.S. imperialist state. They do not recognize the necessity of revolution to end women’s exploitation, and thus their “socialist feminism” will never address the root of women’s oppression.

In PWM-MFP, we know that Marxism is the analysis for the entire working class, including women. We don’t need to revise Marxism—we are studying and learning from revolutionaries throughout history to end women’s suffering once and for all! Understanding that women’s oppression is rooted in capitalist exploitation means understanding that we must combat it militantly. As the government of Texas takes increasingly reactionary stances toward women’s healthcare and reproductive rights, we will not be content with the small concessions that nonprofits offer—we are organizing, rebelling, and fighting back together against these ruling class attacks.

Working class women made it clear that we will not let DSA organize on the East Side or in working class areas in peace, and that the DSA should expect more of these interruptions in the future if they do.

Militant working class women of Austin, kick revisionists out of our neighborhoods!  Uphold the revolutionary, anti-imperialist struggle! Defend against organizations that are against working women!

Austin is Visited by a Con Artist


U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made national headlines for what the media is calling “slamming moderates” and “railing against” capitalism. Ocasio-Cortez spoke at the technology, art, and film festival, South by Southwest, on Saturday where she was quoted saying that “capitalism is irredeemable.” As a red anti-capitalist women’s organization located in Austin, we could not ignore the splash this charlatan has made in the media here in our own front yard at a festival that is a major engine of gentrification.

Ocasio-Cortez is a Democratic U.S. representative who, in the tradition of pseudo-left opportunism, calls herself a “democratic socialist.” She attempts to capture the hearts and minds of the working people who are truly fed up with the ruling class’ dirty dealings and abuse. Much like Trump, she touches upon the economic and social insecurities of the working people. While seeming to shoot straight from the hip, she proposes cryptic solutions that all lead back down the same old tired road we all have been traveling on for so long.

We would like to analyze the substance of her speech that has so much of the bourgeois media in a dither. At one point she states, “When we talk about ideas like democratic socialism, it means putting democracy and society first, instead of capital first; it doesn’t mean that the actual concept of capitalistic society should be abolished.”

Out of one side of her mouth, she argues for a socialist system that puts people before profit while out of the other side she tells the toiling and fed up masses that capitalism should not be abandoned. It is unconscionable that one can marry the “concept” or practice of capitalism and socialism with one another as they are irreconcilable with one another. Socialism is only achieved by smashing the capitalist state and building a thoroughly worker-run state with new institutions and a radically different form of government. This new state will suppress the exploiting classes in the interest of eventually doing away with class society and the state itself toward the goal of communism. It is thoroughly internationalist and anti-imperialist. Capitalism is the system of private ownership of the few with the social production of the many. It is fundamentally exploitative in order for private profit to be accumulated. At home and abroad it must deprive the working class of political power and autonomy by means of low-intensity ideological warfare and outright war on the workers, by enslaving, brutalizing, and terrorizing the working class into submission. This is the only way capitalism can exist. These two modes of production and rule can not peacefully coexist with one another. When you get past the populist buzzwords and posturing to take a deeper look at the “democractic-socialist” positions, it becomes acutely apparent that what they want it is not democratic nor socialist in essence.

The political position of Social-Democracy is to continue capitalism as a mode of production while seizing largest corporations from their private owners; using bureaucracy to corporatize the state. Therefore, rather than the ruling class using the state as an apparatus of their rule, the state itself becomes the dominant faction of the ruling class, and the workers remain oppressed and exploited. The corporate state is then free to unabashedly accrue victims for profit with no illusions of checks and balances, let alone democracy. With all of their talk about free healthcare, free education, etc. what they are asking the working class to do is trust that once they become our new CEOs, they will “share the profits” of their devious exploits. In reality, only a privileged sect of workers will benefit at the expense of the majority of the workers, creating a labor aristocracy. What Ocasio-Cortez and the Social Democrats argue for is not socialism at all, it is social-fascism.


The most dangerous characteristic of Casio-Cortez is her ability to parrot the very real needs of the desperate worker and redirect their righteous anger and revolutionary energy into an even more caustic incarnation of capitalism. Like a true bourgeois politician, she won her seat with a classic bait and switch. She campaigned on a platform of abolishing ICE, but when it was time to cast her vote, she, along with over 200 other Democrats, voted to continue the funding for the immigration enforcement agencies including ICE and Border Patrol.

Often invoking identity politics and charisma, she makes desperate attempts to appeal to the worker as a fresh new face of change. There is no doubt Ocasio-Cortez will be seen by some as a progressive, strong woman. We know that real revolutionary women face harsh repression and criminalization. While we working women were locked in battle with cops and organized fascists to march on International Working Women’s Day, Ocasio-Cortez was prancing around in high heels wining and dining with the bourgeoisie of Austin.

As a partisan organization which seeks to immerse itself in class struggle for the liberation and vindication of working women, we must always present an honest and sober analysis of the working class condition and the path to revolution. We do not blur the lines between capitalism, social fascism, and socialism. We firmly oppose the bastardization and perversion of the fundamental philosophy, history, and principles of socialism. Social democratic types and other varieties of opportunists charge us with idealism and naivete—as they simply refuse to speak of a world without capitalism. But it is they who suffer from delusions of grandeur as they make the foolhardy assertion that socialism can exist devoid of its most essential parts. It’s like a mechanic trying to convince you that your car can run without an engine. It’s utterly ridiculous.

The working class craves liberation from class society but we will not achieve it unless we make a clean break with opportunisms like Social Democracy. Ocasio-Cortez and those like her have no place in the worker’s struggle and they should be greeted with nothing but utter disgust and hostility by working people.


International Working Women’s Day

Block 2

A Woman’s Place is in the Fight, Workers of the World Unite!

Yesterday, all around the US, International Women’s Day marches took place in many urban cities without any obstacles. Why? Because, they either paid for a permit or their organizing posed no threat to the current establishment.

Austin’s first militant International **WORKING** Women’s Day march, organized by Popular Women’s Movement, overcame police impediment and fascist harassment by the Texas Nomads SAR, a white nationalist organization that is anti-woman and anti-immigrant.

The Austin Police and the fascist Texas Nomads share the same interest on International Working Women’s Day:

They don’t want militant women to march and take the streets.

They don’t want us to have power!

On the start of SXSW, on a Friday evening during traffic hour, Popular Women’s Movement, took a segment of the bustling 7th street by a storm in honor of revolutionary women in history and all over the world – especially ones that serve the world proletarian revolution. For those that are not well-versed in Austin’s geography, 7th street is a highly gentrified street, sitting besides gentrified mansions and dilapidated homes on the brink of being torn down. It’s the main corridor from the airport to downtown, where thousands of tourists will travel through this upcoming week of SXSW mayhem.

We steadfastly held our red banner, which read “Unleash the Fury of Women!” We also held large portraits of revolutionary women Rosa Luxemburg, Jiang Qing, and Comrade Norah. Rosa Luxemburg who was a staunch fighter against the treacherous dead ends of reformism, Jiang Qing who provided revolutionary leadership in China’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, and Comrade Norah, a founder of Peru’s Movemiento Feminino Popular and second in command of the Communist Party of Peru – we will never forget these strong women! They will live forever in our hearts, as we follow their footsteps in the historical fight against capitalism, imperialism, and revisionism.

Block 3

As we marched down 7th street towards Webberville, we weaved through aggressive police squad cars that took every attempt to block our march. Our courageous members and women supporters remained resilient and unwavering in their march. At the corner of 7th and Webberville, police targeted and isolated a lone photographer. Our marchers began yelling at the officers to release the photographer. More officers arrived abruptly to tackle the back of the march and grabbed two militants. As they were loading them into the squad cars, crowds of people came out of their homes and shops as we yelled “Abusive pigs deserve to die! Women hold up half the sky!” Our red-masked supporters passed out pamphlets which included details of the history of International Working Women’s Day and notable highlights of women’s struggles in Austin. One example is Morgan Rankin, a young black woman in a mental health crisis, was shot 6 times by an APD officer, Benjamin Rogers. Benjamin has received no consequence from murdering this woman to this day.

The hypocrisy of the police was undeniable. While they claim their duty is to protect and serve citizens and maintain public safety, their attempts to roadblock and repress our march caused more chaos during traffic hour than we ever could have. It is clear that their main goal is to protect the rich and terminate any form of resistance against capitalist interests.

After the arrests of our comrades, we dodged around the squad cars and sprinted back onto the streets. Members of masses joined our block and we continued up Webberville, through residential streets, down Pleasant Valley Road, and back to H.E.B where we squared off with the fascist Texas Nomads, which comprised of Christopher Ritchie, Colin Whites, and Jon Colgin.


Christopher Ritchie is a violent white nationalist livestreamer, known for his participation in the violence of Charlottesville. He is an islamophobic supporter of ACT for America and Soldiers of Odin. Christopher Ritchie, during the march, yelled multiple misogynistic slurs, demanding that women in the march make him a sandwich.


Collin Whites has been arrested for assaulting an anti-Trump protestor. He is a math tutor for Austin Community College. He openly supports Trump with paranoid ideas, claimed at an ACC citizen Communications Board, that Antifa frequently drives by his car and harasses him.

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 7.15.24 PM.png

Lastly, Jon Colgin, a Trump supporter, punched a protestor at an Anti-Trump Rally at City Hall, right before the 2018 Women’s March and Rally in downtown.

These misogynistic men unsuccessfully tried to capture our red flags. They depend on the cops to protect them and eventually were detained for their own protection.

Transcript of Richie’s livestream of the march:

Off camera Texas Nomad: We could use a few more numbers… Listen, we can’t take em’ brother. They were good with those sticks, man.

Ritchie: Fuck em’!

Off camera Texas Nomad: I’m just saying tactically, we can’t take em. I’m telling you.


Militant women of Austin, let’s drive these violent men out of our neighborhoods and the pigs who leap to protect them before they lift a finger for any of us. The necessity to organize and fight for our movement is more important than ever.

Long live revolutionary women of the past, present and future!

Unleash the fury of women as a mighty force for the proletarian world revolution!

Please donate to support our comrades who were arrested and are facing charges! We are forever humbled by their bravery and sacrifice.

A Change in the Sky

Report from cultural action and political intervention at City Hall on February 1st 2019


The liberal group ATX Resistance Action was due to host a protest they called “No Benefit for Rapists” on Thursday, January 31. The protest was meant to respond to the recent decision by the city to continue to pay the former APD commander Jason Dusterhoft after multiple allegations of sexual assault and drug use.The details of the Dusterhoft case can be located in our previous post Titled: The Ultimate Class Enemy.

A lot of discussion happens among the left on exactly how to deal with sexual abusers. PWM-MFP opted to pass on loitering outside of City Hall or following the usual routine of liberal chants and self-gratifying speeches by people who wince at the sight of conflict. Instead, we aimed to break the mold by displaying what the correct handling of this type of abuser should be whenever possible—ideological and physical struggle.

Street theater is both a form of protest and propaganda. It requires, organization, discipline and planning. For these reasons, PWM – MFP chose to do a performance demonstrating what our people’s justice for women against pigs like Dusterhoft would look like.


Our supporters inside notified us that ATX Resistance Action’s protest was, in fact, not going to be a protest at all. ATX Resistance folded when when Mayor Adler asked them not to speak “out of respect” for an NGO called “Survivor Justice Project.” This is an obviously ridiculous notion and a huge act of cowardice on the part of ATX Resistance Action. The NGO Survivor Justice Project could be seen taking photos inside of City Hall with an officer in uniform in blatant disregard of the fact that the protest was supposed to be in opposition to the police. NGOs are the buffer between the people and the bourgeoisie, in essence, they operate as the ruling class’ PR campaigns. They function as representatives and enforcers of ruling class laws and ideology, while feigning sympathy for the workers and oppressed. It is almost unthinkable that any organization that has assembled people to protest a gross instance of injustice could be so easily persuaded to do nothing by none other than an NGO in the friendly graces of APD and the mayor.


Upon hearing the news of ATX Resistance’s plan to not protest, we decided to go forward with our own protest. We marched up to the City Hall Plaza in step chanting “Without a People’s Army, women have nothing.” With us, we brought a person in a police uniform with a pig’s head mask. He was boxed in on all sides by PWM-MFP militants. Once we reached the City Hall, the pig was thrown to the ground and took a theatrical beating by our group. In the final act, the pig was stabbed. He cried out in pain and when our group circled back up, he was left in a puddle of blood. We chanted “Abusive Pigs deserve to die! Women hold up half the sky!” as a few of our members and supporters handed out booklets exposing some sexist and abusive men who are active in Austin. One of the men in our zine was none other than Kit O’Connell, an opportunist who was involved in organizing the protest that never happened.

One of the goals of Popular Women’s Movement–Movimiento Feminino Popular is to turn the tide away from reactionary feminism and towards a working class women’s movement. To accomplish this goal, we must rid the left of abusers, macktivists, and the ideologies that give these sexual opportunists a façade of legitimacy. In our booklet titled “Misogyny on the Left: Abusers and Macktivists in Austin” which can be found HERE on our blog, which can be found on our blog, we detailed Kit’s pattern of political opportunism and sexualizing his activism, specifically in regard to women. In response, Kit claimed that our article was homophobic which we find to be a very strange statement as we are attacking his sexual pursuit of women on the left.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 1.22.02 PM

What we criticize is a common tendency of both straight and bisexual men to target women for manipulation. This criticism has nothing to do with same-sex relationships. Kit also accused PWM-MFP of being a “front group” for the concluded project that was Red Guards Austin. Not only do we find his paranoia disturbing, it also exposes a contradiction in his own long-standing line against Red Guards. Kit and his liberal cohorts have called Red Guards Austin a group of all white men. This has been one of their main “criticisms” against the group. They have also accused the former organization of being a fringe group of lunatics with no support. This means that Kit believes one of two things: either Red Guards Austin did have women and he was only engaging in unprincipled gossip and knowingly spreading lies and rumors against of the former organization OR PWM-MFP is a group of women that are completely acting on behalf of a group of men, not in our own interest, because we are so inept that we cannot think for ourselves and must rely on men to tell us what to do. This latter being an extremely sexist line, which isn’t be all that surprising given his political track record. So, either Kit is a liar or a sexist, but in the end we believe he is both.

We responded to Kit’s half-baked twitter response with a clarification on what the booklet was actually about. And in an act of desperation, he reported our post. It has been speculated and, to some degree, substantiated by many Facebook users that the algorithm used to the review and take down posts deemed as ‘bullying’ on Facebook have been extremely biased and reactionary. Posts reported containing the words “men are..” are far quicker to come down than posts that include “women are…”—if those get taken down at all. Facebook has notoriously allowed the continued posts of fascists and civic nationalists types while speedily removing posts from leftist organizations. This is the type of sexist and backward censorship that Kit has weaponized against us in order to hide his misdeeds. We find him to be utterly pathetic and morally bankrupt.


We received some positive responses from some of the people outside of City Hall. We know that working women can be a courageous torrent of revolutionary energy and that our message has a place in the hearts and minds of many women who seek vindication and are ready to do away with reactionary men and their treatment of women. We aren’t in the least bit deterred by Kit’s attempts to misrepresent us. We understand that as we continue to expose men on the left like Kit O’Connell we will come under a fury of attacks by men who are attempting to cover up their behavior. We are happy to be the impetus for such change and controversy. Like a mighty rain storm, in our path of destruction we water the seeds for new life and wash away the dying plants of liberalism, post-modernism, and radical feminism.

Abusive Pigs Deserve to Die, Women Hold Up Half the Sky!


The Ultimate Class Enemy


Regarding the case of violent, sexist cop Dusterhoft

Jason Duane Dusterhoft is the quintessential abusive, misogynist, coke-snorting cop. He started working for APD back in 1995 and eventually became head pig of the southeast Region 4 district. From the beginning, Dusterhoft was a walking embodiment of arrogance and corruption, characteristics that guarantee a promising career as a pig.

In 1996, Dusterhoft lost his job for a short time after he was caught covering for other APD officers who were shoving their pockets full of money they stole from the door at Austin Music Hall. Since he was rehired by APD in 1996, he has been seen on multiple occasions purchasing and ingesting cocaine and abusing women at the Yellow Rose strip club. In addition, he was reported for using his position in the department to keep friends from obtaining traffic tickets, fudging overtime sheets, and allowing inappropriate use of sick days, which are all acts of theft of taxpayer money.

On August 24, 2018, Dusterhoft’s ex-girlfriend made an official complaint to APD after he choked and slapped her at the Yellow Rose strip club. The investigation found that he assaulted her multiple times, including strangling her “with the intent and desire of her losing consciousness.” She said he left bruises and other marks on her body, as well as pulled out clumps of hair from her head. She also said he “could not achieve sexual gratification unless he was inflicting pain on her.” Even though the investigation results are alarmingly damning, Dusterhoft denies his crimes and uses the alibi that it was “consensual choking.” Originally, he claimed he was drinking during these incidents while she was completely sober. Later he said she was “depressed,” and an “alcoholic on probation,” attempting to discredit her, while incriminating himself by admitting she was under the influence during strangulations. To seal his guiltiness, Dusterhoft hid his phone from investigators to keep videos of him strangling and slapping his ex-girlfriend secret. APD then “indefinitely suspended” Dusterhoft.

According to an article by the American Journal of Public Health:

Consciousness is lost in 10 to 15 seconds, and death can occur within 3 to 5 minutes. Being strangled is extremely painful, and not being able to breathe is frightening even in controlled laboratory experiments. In addition to the psychological implications of such intimidation, a uniquely wide range of neurological and physical outcomes are associated with strangulation. Nonfatal intentional strangulation causes immediate symptoms (e.g., loss of consciousness, which recedes quickly; loss of sphincter control; a raspy voice, which sometimes becomes chronic), symptoms that appear a few hours later (e.g., petechiae on the face and eyes), symptoms that appear a few days afterward (e.g., ear bleeding; bruises, the immediate lack of which decreases acknowledgment of the injury event by police and others), and sometimes mental and physical health problems (e.g., stroke) that are manifested months later. In addition, strangulation with a loss of consciousness can result in mild brain injury. Multiple strangulations are reported among one third to as many as three fourths of women in domestic violence emergency shelters.

The National Hotline for Domestic Abuse, along with other similar organizations, state that choking of an intimate partner is a warning sign that the domestic partnership could become fatal. There is the obvious risk of physically choking the person until they are dead, but choking of a partner, especially when coupled with other physical violence, demonstrates a pathology of control, maliciousness, and a disregard for another person’s feelings, or even their life. This pathology is well-suited to someone who works as a goon for the state, as it is a microcosm of how the state views the masses—with callous contempt.

Despite the horrific implications of Dusterhoft’s actions, there is a rumor that APD is talking about rehiring him on paper so he can receive “benefits.” We know that Dusterhoft has been seen at the Yellow Rose with other APD officers doing drugs and being parasitic degenerates. We would not be surprised if the city is willing to keep him on payroll in order to conceal their own illegal and abusive behavior. Cop culture, of course, is one of extreme reaction, or backwardness. We believe that their refusal to carry out the most rudimentary criminal prosecution is, at least in part, due to the state’s total disregard for women who are employed at strip clubs like the Yellow Rose.

While PWM-MFP takes a revolutionary stance against the sex industry, we do not fault the women forced into it either by physical violence or economic coercion. We condemn the trade for perpetuating the commodification of women’s bodies and its alienation of women from socially productive labor, damning them to be in service of some of the worst elements of this society. These institutions foster a culture of violence and exploitation of women, a culture that Dusterhoft clearly participates in. These bastions of gendered exploitation are notorious for harboring and catering to disturbed megalomaniac pigs like Dusterhoft.

Dusterhoft is a reprehensible misogynist. It literally brings him joy to see women in pain. In one text to his ex-girlfriend, he writes “Let me choke you out all the way. I love seeing you come back two seconds later and waking up to fucking me.”

Dusterhoft has ties to many shady characters in Austin. It’s no surprise that a man like this can be tied to other enemies of the working class in Austin, particularly on the East/Southeast side where he was most recently in power. Dusterhoft is employed by the tech company Oracle as a consulting member of technical staff. Oracle itself is a major proponent of gentrification in Southeast Austin. The masses are engaged in ongoing militant anti-gentrification struggles, including fighting the displacement that Oracle has forced onto the community. The most intense of these struggles are against attempts to create a Domain-type shopping center of wealthy luxury stores and condos in the Riverside Pleasant Valley area. Dusterhoft is not only a violent misogynist, he is also an example of the way real estate developers, tech companies and the police all collude against the working class and poor of Austin. They get richer and richer while we get shoved violently out of our own hoods.

Dusterhoft also secured the legal representation of Jason Nassuer, the brother of Jimmy Nassuer, a notorious slum lord. Jimmy Nassuer owned Cactus Rose Mobile Home Park before selling it to real estate developer Oden Hughes, who then robbed and evicted the tenants on the basis of the horrid living conditions inflicted upon them by Nassuer. A construction site is now in its place, slotted for more luxury apartments in the southeast district. The Nassuer family was also instrumental in the total gentrification of the East 5th Street area, which is now a trendy district of bars, where it once housed black and Chicano working class families.

For a long time, the Austin Police Department has tried to present itself as a friendly and tolerant department. It spends a significant chunk of its budget on public relations campaigns. These spin jobs must be understood as a form of low-intensity warfare against the working class community of Austin, and of course, this includes women. Women everywhere in Austin experience the automatic, rational fear when being pulled over that the traffic cop may be another Dusterhoft. Feel-good human interest stories about the police only serve to hide the ugly truth and diffuse the people’s anger against the police. The ruling class-owned media institutions are fully complicit in this counterinsurgency measure.

And so, we end up with pigs like Dusterhoft posing with pit bulls in the animal shelter and doing “coffee with a cop” programs in southeast Austin’s Region 4. APD with its unions and PR advisers had no problem using Dusterhoft as a poster-boy for “sensitive” policing, all the while he and his ilk were out abusing and exploiting women physically, emotionally, and sexually. The media will tell their readers, reluctantly, that pigs like Dusterhoft are just a few “bad apples.” In reality, the whole barrel is rotten. The “bad apples” are just the ones who are so blatant in their crimes, their cohorts can no longer cover for them.

Capitalist law enforcement is inherently anti-people because it defends private property and the propertied class over the interests of the working class. This anti-people line of work breeds a culture of sociopathic behavior. According to the National Center for Women & Policing,

Two studies have found that at least 40% of police officer families experience domestic violence, in contrast to 10% of families in the general population… Domestic violence is always a terrible crime, but victims of a police officer are particularly vulnerable because the officer who is abusing them:

  • has a gun
  • knows the location of battered women’s shelters, and
  • knows how to manipulate the system to avoid penalty and/or shift blame to the victim.

Victims often fear calling the police, because they know the case will be handled by officers who are colleagues and/or friends of their abuser. Victims of police family violence typically fear that the responding officers will side with their abuser and fail to properly investigate or document the crime.

In this national scope of police violence, Dusterhoft is no anomaly; he is its personification. He is arrogant, hateful, without compassion, and blames his victim. He displays a god complex by playing out his anti-women abuse and rape fantasies in reality. Of the countless women who have suffered and even died at the hands of abusive cops like Dusterhoft, we only know of the few who have survived and been brave enough to come forward. Considering the courage it takes to go up against high-ranking and well-protected cops, all logic indicates that there are more who do not come forward.

APD has long had a casual attitude towards rape and abuse, from the two cops, Lyttle and Castillo, who were recorded joking about rape, to the more recent revelation the department has been “clearing” rape cases that were, in fact, unsolved. It is common knowledge among the women of Austin that reporting rape and abuse to the police will probably just result in being dismissed or further traumatized. We can only imagine how the cops might treat women who accuse one of the department’s own of rape and abuse.

APD then faces a contradiction. On one hand it seeks to protect all of its reactionary goons, while on the other hand it seeks to preserve its tidy image as a wholesome department, in the interest of disarming and thus further abusing the masses. Due to the utter recklessness of Dusterhoft, the department was forced to prioritize sanitizing their image and so they have removed him from the streets. Otherwise, in all probability, he would still be in charge of Region 4.

Dusterhoft, in many of his crimes summarized here, did not act alone. It stands to reason that during this time he accumulated a fair amount of dirt on his partners in crime, information which he could and would certainly use to protect himself and secure his benefits. APD can then simultaneously try and avoid scrutiny publicly while covering their asses by keeping Dusterhoft appeased. One hand washes the other, even if both hands find themselves around the neck of women.

It is up to the women of Austin to fully and relentlessly combat the police department. Dusterhoft is not the cause of police crimes; he is a symptom of police reality. We call on the women of Austin to be done with activism that works inside this sexist, abusive system and to join our organization in fighting it. This fight requires doing away with capitalism and the police forces that serve it, it means class struggle and continuing to struggle against all backward culture in the interests of equality. Capitalism can never secure the equality of women, let alone defend our scant but hard-earned gains. Only socialist revolution and the establishment of a worker-controlled state can preserve the gains women make when we mobilize as a mighty torrent. Our organization exists for this purpose. We must organize ourselves and mobilize all of our class sisters for the purpose of not only breaking out of our cage, but freeing our whole class from the shackles of abuse, exploitation and servitude.

Combat and destroy the sexist police!
Unleash women as a mighty torrent for revolution!
Get involved and get organized with the Popular Women’s Movement–Movimiento Femenino Popular!

Lift high the red banner of the women’s struggle!


Yesterday PWM- MFP attended the annual Women’s March which actually turned out to be a misnomer because the organizers were too afraid to march without a permit and escort. We have no delusions about the ineffectiveness of events like this. A march or rally should be a moralizing show of force, but due to the reactionary politics of these types of liberal feminists, events such as this one often have the opposite effect.

PWM – MFP seeks to break the hegemonic hold that liberal, bourgeois feminism has over activism and do away with it’s rotten ideology for good. Women deserve to have a movement that will fight for them. We aim to redirect the energy of the fed up and angry masses of working class women into a movement that is willing and capable to be a liberating force. This is why we attended the women’s rally. We engaged with women who are sick of the same toothless NGOs and bought-up activist peddling their defeatist nonsense from their podiums.

It is no surprise that our presence bares a stark difference from the going trend of feminism. No pussy hats, no watered down chants. Our signs displayed revolutionary slogans, and we do not shy away from our politics. It is for this reason that proto-fascist goons such as Infowars and their fan boys showed up to harass us. They crowded around attempting to entice us into a shouting match so as to break our discipline. But their efforts were futile. At one point, one of these pathetic hecklers asked a woman apart of the march “Do you support these communists?” referring to us, and she defiantly said “Yes!” We can only assume that won’t make it in the final edit of their reactionary, fear-mongering video.

Unlike the women who put together such marches, we aren’t interested in gaining electoral seats, running our own business, becoming NGO sell-outs, or being awarded tenure at a college. We have one focus, and that is to fight for our class and to carve out a place for ourselves in the revolution. We understand our only hope for true liberation lay within the defeat of the ruling class. Our concessions awarded to us through the second-wave feminist strategy of electoral politicking are being stripped away from us one by one, proving once again the uselessness of bargaining with the enemy. We firmly believe that you can only negotiate what has been confirmed on the battlefield.

Each action, is an opportunity to steel ourselves in the struggle. We remain resolved to our politics and every demo and encounter we have, we learn what the masses of women need and what they are willing to do to get it. What we need is revolution and we are ready to fight tooth and nail for it.

Lift high the red banner of the women’s struggle!