Militant Women Disrupt DSA Austin Revisionist Night School


A Call to Kick Out Organizations Against Working Women from East Austin!

Members of PWM-MFP successfully disrupted a revisionist study group on “socialist feminism” led by the Austin branch of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) last week. Not only was the DSA event weeks late in celebrating what they call International Women’s Day, they left working women entirely out of the title. This omission is a slap in the face to the militant working class women who started the Revolution of 1917 in Russia and inspired the first International Working Women’s Day. In addition to this insult, DSA included no Marxist texts or class analysis in this discussion on socialism.

The revisionists made confrontation even more necessary by holding the event at Cepeda Library on 7th and Pleasant Valley—right where the revolutionary women of PWM-MFP and their supporters took the streets in Austin’s first militant International Working Women’s Day march on March 8.

During the event, PWM-MFP members stood up and interrupted the revisionists’ lukewarm “endorsement” of a women’s strike to point out how they were insulting the working class women of Austin and question why a supposedly socialist, pro-working class organization recently endorsed bourgeois, imperialist politician Bernie Sanders. Considering the two-faced nature of DSA, this endorsement is no actual surprise.

When questioned on why they weren’t discussing texts by revolutionary Marxist women writers, the group participants could only resort to personal attacks. A facilitator shouted at one of our members, “Have you had an abortion?” An audience member tried to use the term “revolutionary communist” as an insult and claim that our member was in a “violent cult.”

Perhaps the most damning moment was when a PWM-MFP member recognized and pointed out a male member who had commented on the doxxing and online harassment of one of our woman comrades. It’s inexcusable and egregious that this man, who presumably sympathizes with socialist ideas, would permit any platform for a misogynist and anti-communist twitter account, one that even went so far to dox and harass her family. Instead of siding with the victim, the DSA members defended the man.

DSA’s refusal to struggle over politics, and instead issuing personal attacks and defending male chauvinism and harassment, exposes their inability to defend their political line with even a modicum of intellectual integrity. They claim to be for working women, but allow their members to continue anti-woman behavior. They do not encourage people to think and reason for themselves, leaving their members without a defensible political line.

DSA is a revisionist organization, using the word socialism while simply arguing for a different version of capitalism. While working women clamor for the end of their oppression and exploitation—which can only come through revolution against the ruling class—DSA is content only to perform risk-free activities such as a bowl-a-thon to raise funds for an abortion nonprofit. Nonprofits can only ever pave over the potholes on the road of capitalism.

DSA politics separates socialism from its end goal of communism—a stateless and classless society—ultimately upholding capitalism through their nonprofit shilling and endorsement of bourgeois politicians in the U.S. imperialist state. They do not recognize the necessity of revolution to end women’s exploitation, and thus their “socialist feminism” will never address the root of women’s oppression.

In PWM-MFP, we know that Marxism is the analysis for the entire working class, including women. We don’t need to revise Marxism—we are studying and learning from revolutionaries throughout history to end women’s suffering once and for all! Understanding that women’s oppression is rooted in capitalist exploitation means understanding that we must combat it militantly. As the government of Texas takes increasingly reactionary stances toward women’s healthcare and reproductive rights, we will not be content with the small concessions that nonprofits offer—we are organizing, rebelling, and fighting back together against these ruling class attacks.

Working class women made it clear that we will not let DSA organize on the East Side or in working class areas in peace, and that the DSA should expect more of these interruptions in the future if they do.

Militant working class women of Austin, kick revisionists out of our neighborhoods!  Uphold the revolutionary, anti-imperialist struggle! Defend against organizations that are against working women!

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